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 Eastman Chemical Company located in Kingsport, Tennessee is in an industry that produces basic and immediate chemicals, specialty chemicals, agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics and fibers, and paints and coatings. Eastman also manufactures over 1200 chemicals, fibers and plastics; as well as being the largest supplier of polyester plastics. Currently Eastman employs over 15,000 people in 30 countries with manufacturing sites tactically located in 17 countries, with Asia Pacific Region Office being one of their key offices.     Eastman is known in the chemical industry as a world leader in the e-business. They are the first chemical company to provide their customers with e-business, which allowed them to do business in a much easier and efficient manner. Eastman e-business specializes in an online storefront and transactional Customer Centra; Web-enable auctions; alliances and investments in digital business, along with system-to-system ERP connections. The main focus of Eastman’s e-business was:     1. Creating customer-centric solutions     2.

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